AQT and collaborators demonstrate 24 qubit entanglement

January 2021: We at AQT are thrilled to share that the first research paper on our compact ion-trap quantum computing demonstrator is now available on the arXiv, demonstrating 24 qubit GHZ entanglement in a room-temperature setup housed in two 19-inch racks.

This research work in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck marks an important step in the steady progress of quantum information processing (QIP) from a purely academic discipline towards applications throughout science and industry. Transitioning from lab-based, proof-of-concept experiments to robust, integrated realizations of QIP hardware is a crucial step in this process. Not an easy one, however, because the nature of traditional laboratory setups does not offer itself readily to scaling up system sizes or allow for applications outside of laboratory-grade environments.

What we demonstrate here is that we have overcome challenges in engineering and integration without sacrificing the state-of-the-art performance of laboratory implementations.