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We have turned decades of research by the founders of AQT into a new generation of instruments and assemblies, engineered to meet the high demands of academia and commercial companies alike. Quantum computing is closer than ever before.


Pine linear Paul trap – years of experience, engineered for today.

  • Capable of trapping >20 ions
  • Ceramic mounted linear Paul trap with gold plated titanium blades
  • Species include Ca+, Sr+, Ba+, Yb+, Al+,…
The Alpine QT Stack
The Alpine QT Stack
Cloud Access

AQT offers access to its quantum computer backends over the cloud.

  • Interface: write your quantum algorithm and connect direct to our devices.
  • Simulate: first tests can be performed using our circuit simulator (with or without noise model)
  • Compute: Run your quantum task on the ion-trap quantum computers

Cloud Access

Interface with AQT via third party software development kits.

  • Submit quantum circuits with Cirq

  • Work with our quantum computers using Qiskit
  • Use the Pytket optimizing compiler
  • Explore quantum machine learning with PennyLane
  • Implement your own quantum-SDK
Cloud Access

Detailed tutorials to start your journey with AQT quantum computers.

Quantum Computer

Trapped ion quantum devices pioneered and lead quantum information processing: from performance and scalability to wide-range applicability.

Apply AQT quantum solutions to solve your problems.

Coming soon..

Logo AQT Alpine Quantum Technologies
Logo AQT Alpine Quantum Technologies