AQT quantum computer leverages Cirq for algorithm development

September 2019: Quantum computers promise to solve problems that are out of reach for today’s supercomputers. Programming quantum computers differs radically from what programmers are used to today and thus new programming languages are required. A collaborative effort by Alpine Quantum Technologies (AQT) and the University of Innsbruck allows direct access to the ion-trap quantum computer in Innsbruck via Cirq, a framework developed by Google focused on developing and implementing quantum algorithms. Cirq can be used to explore quantum algorithms on the different hardware architectures, superconducting electronics and trapped ions.

For more details, please check out this press release of the University of Innsbruck.

AQT co-founders Prof. Peter Zoller (left) and Dr. Thomas Monz (right) with Google’s Dr. Markus Hoffmann (centre). Photo: M. R. Knabl