PINE SET-UP – The leading modular architecture for your quantum applications

Out-of-the-box integration of a fully functionable, table-top size quantum processor into your system.

Use AQT’s world leading quantum technology for your applications without the associated engineering and development overhead.

The PINE SET-UP is an assembly based on a modular approach. The heart of the set-up is our quantum processor unit, AQT’s PINE TRAP, a high-precision ion trap building upon the well tested design of the University of Innsbruck and the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI). The trap is located inside an ultra-high vacuum chamber facilitating a low background-gas collision rate of < 0.02 1/s. Easy optical interface for qubit manipulation is provided via fiber ports. Single-qubit operations on a fault-tolerant level as well as fast detection can be implemented via the provided high-NA objective.

Our Pine SET-UP has created the world’s largest maximally entangled quantum state to date, with 24 calcium ion qubits.

Pioneering experiments have already been carried out with the PINE SET-UP, for example as used within the demonstration of fault-tolerant universal quantum gate operations at University of Innsbruck, AQTION project. Use the PINE SET-UP to push your research applications.

Working with long ion strings due to low collision rate
Working with long ion strings due to a low collision rate.

The stability of the ion string is directly related to vacuum pressure. Our PINE SET-UP features less than one collision with background gas particles per ion every minute.

Sophisticated optics for fast quantum state readout
Sophisticated optics for fast quantum state readout.

The uniquely designed high-NA objective enables high-fildelity quantum state readout with less than 200 µs detection time.

Work with your preferred species
Work with your preferred species.

The ion species can be selected by choosing the ablation target(s). Up to two ablation targets can be configured for multi-ion species applications.

Did you know?

Our PINE SET-UP is the heart of AQT’s quantum computer PINE system and fits perfectly inside a standardized 19-inch rack. The PINE system requires only 2 full custom racks, runs in a comfortable room temperature environment and requires less than 2kW of power consumption.