PINE TRAP – High-performance ion trap for quantum applications.

Speed up and increase the performance of your research using the PINE TRAP.

Use our PINE TRAP for storage and manipulation of charged particles while taking advantage of simple installation into your system.

The PINE TRAP features outstanding heating rates < 10 phonons/sec and high optical access, which makes it an excellent device for the storage and coherent manipulation of trapped particles. Besides the high-performance level, the PINE TRAP can be simply implemented in a custom-built vacuum system by standard vacuum components. Electrical contact to the trapping electrodes, up to four compensation electrodes, and temperature sensors can be accessed by standardized electrical vacuum feedthroughs.

The Pine Trap is already utilized by research groups to demonstrate outstanding results in the field of quantum computation and high precision metrology.

The development of a highly sophisticated ion trap is demanding and resource intensive. We offer you the right tool to overcome these constraints and boost your research.

The PINE TRAP offers exceedingly low heating rates
The PINE TRAP offers exceedingly low heating rates.

We present an axial heating rate of < 1 phonon/sec for a trap frequency of about 500 kHz, fulfilling the requirements for fault-tolerant quantum operations.

The design is optimized for high thermal and electrical conductivity
The design is optimized for high thermal and electrical conductivity.

The choice of materials and fabrication process leads to a reduced trap-temperature RF-power dependency of < 5K/W.

Qubit counts are just a number

Optical access with a numerical aperture up to 0.6 can be used for efficient photon counting and single-ion addressing.