AQT Alpine Quantum Technologies

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We have turned decades of research by the founders of AQT into a new generation of modules and assemblies, engineered to meet the high demands of academia and commercial companies alike.


  • linear Paul trap capable of a quantum register of > 50 ions
  • multiple species supported
  • for quantum information, clocks or spectroscopy experiments


  • Proprietary cavity design for locking up to four key experimental wavelengths
  • Laser drift regulated to sub MHz rates over extended periods
  • Rack mountable with set and forget user interface for long term reliability


  • precision control of amplitude, frequency and phase of laser light
  • available for multiple optical wavelengths over broad spectral range from 400 to 900nm
  • 19-inch rack mountable at only 3 RU


Accelerate your trapped ion experiment and get closer to producing results. The AQT Experimental Set-Up assembles the necessary Modules and Accessories from within our product line ups to produce a table top trapped ion experiment. Just switch on, add light and start counting the ions in your quantum register!

Trapped Ion Set-up

  • Assembly of Pine trap, vacuum chamber, RF resonator and vacuum pump
  • Designed to operate with your preferred species
  • Enable rapid progress in AMO experiments


The ion traps can be supplied with a variety of additional components intended to shorten the journey to trapping ions in the laboratory.


  • DN100CF vacuum flange for mounting Pine trap
  • Flange window optimised for 40Ca+
  • In-vac connections and feedthroughs ensure high performance

Oven and Ablation Target

  • Two evaporation techniques for loading preferred atomic species
  • Provides opportunity of loading two ion species.
  • Oven connection realised on vacuum flange


  • Low-pass filter for suppressing high frequency noise for high voltage (HV) DC
  • Up to 4 channels to support HV DC electrodes of the Pine trap
  • Designed for voltages up to 2000V


  • Autotransformer for generating high voltage radio frequency (RF) signal for ion-trapping
  • Impedance matching of a RF signal to the Pine trap
  • Filters the RF signal to reduce noise