Quantum computing for finance

February 2022: New white paper by AQT and partners

AQT and partners publish new white paper on quantum computing for finance

February 2022: The last two decades have brought massive upheaval, including in the financial sector. The industry is in the middle of radical change with the majority of banking transactions now conducted online. Much of this change is being driven by information technology, and security, reliability, and availability of services key factors in determining success.

However, existing models and IT systems are reaching their limits when it comes to developing viable, profitable financial products and assessing risks. This is where quantum technology comes in. Together with our partners JoS Quantum, NTT, and SVA System Vertrieb Alexander, we have analyzed the challenges of quantum computing, especially in finance, studying current technologies and the consequences for data center providers. Our conclusion: We see the development of quantum computing as an enormous opportunity.

You can find the details in our white paper ‘Quantum computing in finance’.