October 2022

AQT Goes to Berlin: Parlamentarischer Abend Quantum Technologies Eco-System Germany

On October 18, 2022, a parliamentary evening on the topic of Quantum took place in the Auditorium Friedrichstrasse in Berlin.

Among those attending were members of the German Bundestag, researchers in the field of quantum computer hardware, and technology companies in quantum communication, simulation, and sensing.

AQT’s cofounder Prof. Rainer Blatt was participating in the panel discussion on future of quantum computing and the participants were particularly impressed by the live demo of quantum computing on our systems.

AQT’s Quantum Computer stand in Innsbruck exhibited until late in the evening to show the distinguished audience the following:

  • Real-time calculations on our IBEX quantum computing system via internet cloud

  • Demonstration of ion traps

  • Live broadcast of our IBEX quantum computer operating out of Innsbruck

Florian Marquardt [LinkedIn] (2022):  published online 19.10.2022

“Yesterday, at a nice demo here in Berlin, I realized AQT Alpine Quantum Technologies is clearly currently the leading European quantum computing company, on any hardware platform, period. Where other European start-ups are still starting up and developing plans, they already deliver.”

Thank you for the invitation and inspiring conversations.