Pine System - 19''rack inside AQT Alpine Quantum Technologies

The system is the first commercial 19-inch
rack-mounted room-temperature quantum computer.

Use our 19-inch quantum computer via the cloud to solve challenges in finance, chemistry, or logistics.

All components of the AQT quantum computer are engineered to fit within 19-inch rack cabinets, familiar to existing HPC infrastructure and datacenter installations. The entire quantum computer requires only 2 full custom racks, runs in a comfortable room temperature environment and requires less than 2kW of power consumption. The heart of the system is formed by the AQT PINE trap which is a fully operational device for the storage and control of charged particles. The hardware is compatible with the largest “out-of-the-box” software development frameworks such as Qiskit, Cirq and PennyLane.

Get started with quantum computing.

We already offer a quadratic speed-up for portfolio-optimisation.

Risk analysis is time-consuming. Our quantum computer offers more precise and faster predictions.

Building on top of the 19-inch rack standard, it can be readily installed.

The 19-inch rack standard fits in existing infrastructure and operates in a normal office environment.

The system can execute standardized quantum algorithms.

Your internal solution can be executed in a hardware-independent fashion. Later upgrades don’t require rewriting code.

The room-temperature set-up can be powered from a single wall-mounted power-plug.

The system is compatible with green energy goals, requires no special cooling, and operates quietly.

Our PINE system is the first quantum computer that fits inside two standardized 19-inch racks. Building on top of the ion-trap quantum computing platform pioneered in Innsbruck, Austria, tens of ion-qubits can be worked with. Following a modular approach, the individual solutions within the PINE system have already been used to realize a world-record of 24-qubit entanglement, realized error correction, and demonstrated the first universal gate-set for logical qubits – achievements at the forefront of international quantum computing efforts.

The system has been designed to target normal high-performance computing facilities, data centers, or even offices in mind. Operated from just a single wall-mounted power plug, the device does not require special cooling, vibration insulation, or other requirements typically associated with quantum devices.

We currently support up to 20 qubits. Quantum algorithms can be readily executed as we support a wide range of quantum software development kits such as Qiskit, Cirq, PennyLane, Pytket, … Thus, existing code based on any of these libraries can be readily used on our PINE system. The standardized interfaces allow you to run our quantum applications without any detailed knowledge of the underlying hardware.

To date, our solutions have been used as a testbed to investigate quantum benefits in the fields of chemistry, portfolio optimisation, risk analysis, quantum security and decryption. Should you have some particular use-case in mind, please let us know.