October 2022

European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel visits AQT’s Experience Center in Innsbruck, Austria

The Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth of the European Union, Mariya Gabriel, visited the facilities of AQT’s Quantum Computer Experience Center in Innsbruck.

The delegation of the visit consisted of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tanzer, Vice Rector for Research University of Innsbruck; Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann, Rector MCI Management Center Innsbruck; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Blatt, Institute of Experimental Physics Universität Innsbruck and Co-Founder of AQT.

During the visit, our CEO Dr. Thomas Monz presented the fields in which our quantum computer, components, and services are used.

  • AQT’s world leading trapped ions 19-inch rack-mounted quantum computer

  • Quantum processor PINE SET-UP – The leading modular trapped ion architecture for quantum applications

  • New product launch BEECH – Ultra low drift optical reference for quantum applications

  • Quantum computer via CLOUD ACCESS to solve challenges in finance, chemistry, logistics, or further industries

Sustainability and space-saving in data centers thanks to innovative technology.

AQT’s entire quantum computer requires only 2 full custom racks, runs in a comfortable room temperature environment, and requires less than 2kW of power consumption.

Mariya Gabriel highlighted the key role of this “strategic networking of education, research as well as AQT’s startup mentality” in fostering innovation across Europe.

Thank you for the visit and your action in line with the European quantum strategy.

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