November, 2022

AQT joins the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA)!

The Quantum Internet Alliance has started a seven-year program to build an innovative quantum internet ecosystem in Europe. AQT is proud to be part of this world-leading collaboration, together with the research groups led by Tracy Northup and Benjamin Lanyon at the Department of Experimental Physics of the University of Innsbruck.

Ambitions and goals of the QIA include:

  • Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) will build an advanced European quantum internet ecosystem.

  • The QIA is an established world-leading team consisting of 40 partners.

  • The first phase of the program, which will run for 3,5 years from October 2022, and has a total budget of 24 million euros.

  • Common goal is to address all challenges towards building a world-first prototype of a large-scale quantum network in Europe.

  • The QIA brings together industry and academia across diverse disciplines ranging from computer science to experimental physics.

“As a partner within the Quantum Internet Alliance, AQT focuses on connecting ion-based quantum computers to the quantum internet. Our pioneering work supports strategic development of key technologies for an interconnected and scalable quantum networking in Europe and beyond.”
Dr. Juris Ulmanis, Director of Quantum Technology at AQT