Rainer Blatt turned 70

September 2022

Rainer Blatt turned 70 / AQT congratulates co-founder Rainer Blatt on his 70th birthday.

AQT co-founder Rainer Blatt celebrated his 70th birthday, and the AQT team was delighted to join the symposium in Rainer’s honour, titled “25 Years of Trapped Ions in Innsbruck”, and the party that followed. It was our particular pleasure to welcome so many of Rainer’s companions and former students, who traveled to Innsbruck from all over the world, in the AQT experience centre.

We all share a deep appreciation and admiration of Rainer’s pioneering academic achievements, which are the very foundation that AQT is built upon, and we are glad and grateful to benefit from his know-how and support on a daily basis. Without Rainer, trapped ion quantum computing would be nowhere near to where is today, and we look forward to many more years of his friendship and fruitful collaboration.

Happy birthday, dear Rainer, and the best wishes from all of us at AQT!